Is It Brave to Suffer in Silence?

No! It is not brave to keep your pain for yourself. If you do so, the pain will most likely stay there or get worse. Talk to someone about your pain. If you let it out it will most likely go away. Also talking to others can relieve pain. As an example, if your friend is suffering and you help, both of you might end up with a good feeling. You are not alone if you are having a bad time.


What makes a good citizen?

In today’s class, we were given the task to choose between 6 pictures on what makes a good citizen. We chose picture 3 and 5.

Picture number 3.

Volunteering is a very positive activity if you want to become a better citizen. You help people in need, it may be local or in another country. Those you help are in need if it is a house or food. The volunteering makes other feel appreciated, and it will make yourself happy.

Picture 5.

Raising awareness over global warming is being a good citizen because we need everyone to contribute to be able to change the course of global warming. This is also good because we need to raise awareness that the big investors and businessmen in the fossil fuel industries are feeding bad information to the public.

A Message to Leonardo

Dear Leonardo DiCaprio

In today’s class, we watched ‘Before The Flood’. In the documentary, we saw that you were very optimistic about the Paris Declaration. What’re your thoughts now, 3 years later?  Your former president was rooting for the declaration. There was hope back then, do you believe there still is?

Watching the documentary made me think, what can a youth do to help? What surprised me the most was how fast the ice is melting.

Spare Parts

In today’s lesson, we watched the movie Spare Parts. A movie about making an underwater robot. The film is mainly about teamwork, friendship, and immigration.

The List

What shocked me the most from the list was all the ”sad truths” such as;

Oscar really did go to sleep after being smuggled across the border and woke up hungry, only to find that his cousins had eaten his burger.

The fact that immigrants have to go through this makes me sick. The fact that the US government cant welcome families into their country because their background is

Difference between teams;

The main difference between Carl Hayden and the other colleges is their budgets. Carl Hayden High School had a budget of 800$ whilst teams like MIT had a whopping budget of 18000$. The other teams had way more resources, one to point out is the laser beam. Carl Hayden did not have the money for that. Carl Hayden HS used tampons to protect the ”brain”. Their motors were also way cheaper.

Use of Robots in Other Areas

They say robots are the future, which is right. Here in Norway, companies like Komplett uses robots to sort out their packages. In America, Amazon is using drones which delivers packages. Another category of robots is AI, artificial intelligence. In China, some AI’s are used to discover if someone is going to wake up from a coma.

Oral Group Project;

After Trump became president and started deporting and building his wall, there have been fewer immigrants. Maybe because they’re scared.

The protester was concerned to lose their family, especially the parents. Trump took the kids of the families who immigrated to the US.

My Reading of About a Boy


The theme is about Growing up, physically and mentally. This we see late in the book where both Will and Marcus gets a girlfriend. They mature, well to the age they should be. Marcus goes from being ”old” to a regular twelve-year-old and Will becomes a mature man instead of a whining teenager.

Friendship also plays a huge role. Will and Marcus develop a relationship with each other. They develop a friendship very much like a father-son relationship.



The book is set in London, early 90’s.

”Right now he was listening to Nirvana and Snoop Doggy Dogg”

Nirvana and Snoop Dogg were very popular in the 90’s. Still is today, but their peak was in the 90’s.


The story begins when Will decides to go to SPAT – Single parent group. Where he meets the mother of Marcus. Will doesn’t meet Marcus until the first SPAT picnic. Both Marcus and Will thinks the picnic is boring, Marcus especially. He even throws a bred on a duck and kills it.

After that day, Marcus starts showing up at Wills apartment every afternoon. Fiona, does not like this and burst in one day in Wills apartment and confronts him for being a perv. After that, Marcus doesn’t show up to Will anymore.

Even though Fiona and Will are not ”friends” anymore, he gets invited to celebrate Christmas with them where they celebrate Christmas as a family. The evening turns in to be one of the best for Will and Marcus. Will later goes to a new-year-party where he meets Rachel and falls in love with her. They keep in touch and Will is often at her place. Somehow she knew about Wills ”son”. Which he clearly does not have. Rachel wants to meet his son, and Marcus needs to step in. Will later confesses that Marcus is not his son. In the beginning, Rachel is upset but forgives Will because he treats Marcus like a father. Wich reflects the theme.

Character Development:

After Marcus meets Ellie, he changes completely. From being ”the oldest twelve-year-old” to the ”regular twelve-year-old”, the shy and weird boy, to the boy who fits in, listen to the same music and has ”normal” clothes.

Will also changes, after he meets Rachel. He went from being a selfish teenager in a man’s body to a man who takes responsibility and has good relationships.


Questions to Interview

  1. The book is about a boy and a man, who finds themselves throughout the story with each other. How does this relate to this generation
  2. in the book; the absolute true diary of a part-time Indian we meet Arnold or junior, who grows up as a minority. is this still relatable
  3. will and Marcus develop as persons, tell me more about that
  4. how was it to grow up as a minority.
  5. in the book u speak about topics like alcoholism, poverty, can you go deeper in on why you wrote about that

Promodo Technique

The Promodo Technique is a technique for learning. Learning smarter and more efficient. The technique builds upon; studying in periods of 25 minutes, then taking a short break. This helps the brain rest after ”painful” sessions of studying. Taking breaks helps the brain to remember.

It will definitely help me to get better grades. Usually I get good grades by only listening to the teacher in class. Unfortunately, sometimes I forget. Therefore I have to read a lot. I usually get tired of reading so much. So with the Promodo Technique, I will remember more whilst I work less.

Conversations; How to Win

This week we learned about conversations. Winning and losing, listening and performing. How to act when talking to someone.

I had a conversation with my fellow student Jacob, where we discuss what’s better; Taco or Pizza on a Friday. We went back and forth. We both had arguments where we backed the fact that both dishes are social. They bring people together, both making and eating it. I won, mainly because of the fact that Taco is healthier than pizza.

The Book I Chose

When asked to choose a book I wanted to read throughout this chapter, I got to have two choices. The first book was; About A Boy, written by Nick Hornby. The other; The Absolutely True Diary

The book I chose was, About A Boy. The reason why was because I’m interested in knowing what the difference between a kid and a thirty-year-old man is. I am also interested in seeing how Nick Hornby writes. If it is too difficult or easy to follow when reading.

As a start, the book is weird. Weird in a weird way, if that makes sense. Even though I have only read 30 pages, I’m confused on what’s going on. Mainly, the start is about his mother who’s trying to find a boyfriend. The boy, named Marcus is an introvert. Which means he likes to be alone. He is not an open guy, which is not ”accepted” where he goes to school. He gets bullied by his fellow students, as well as some teachers.

When his mother meets new guys, Marcus likes to rate them. Usually, he gives them five points for each ”accepted qualification”. One states; he had spent more than 300 pounds on a jacket (five points).

All and all, I’m working on trying to figure out how the book is set up. It seems of now, like a good book.


My First Week at School

Last week I started my 3 year educational journey at Sandvika VGS. I first started at Asker, but I wanted to swap. Mainly because of the oppertunities and ”fagdager”. I like the consept. You get the chance to focus on one subject instead of 3 or 5. As a guy who lives in Vollen, I get free bus rides from monday to friday to 6 o’clock. Which is a HUGE money saver.

My first week at Sandvika VGS was a nice week. I got to meet a lot of new people in a short period of time. I will most likely meet more people through out the coming years. I’m looking forward to the trip to Nordmarka. We’ll get to meet the F class, and get to know them aswell.

  • Thomas Nicolaisen, Nicolaisen News
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