Spare Parts

In today’s lesson, we watched the movie Spare Parts. A movie about making an underwater robot. The film is mainly about teamwork, friendship, and immigration.

The List

What shocked me the most from the list was all the ”sad truths” such as;

Oscar really did go to sleep after being smuggled across the border and woke up hungry, only to find that his cousins had eaten his burger.

The fact that immigrants have to go through this makes me sick. The fact that the US government cant welcome families into their country because their background is

Difference between teams;

The main difference between Carl Hayden and the other colleges is their budgets. Carl Hayden High School had a budget of 800$ whilst teams like MIT had a whopping budget of 18000$. The other teams had way more resources, one to point out is the laser beam. Carl Hayden did not have the money for that. Carl Hayden HS used tampons to protect the ”brain”. Their motors were also way cheaper.

Use of Robots in Other Areas

They say robots are the future, which is right. Here in Norway, companies like Komplett uses robots to sort out their packages. In America, Amazon is using drones which delivers packages. Another category of robots is AI, artificial intelligence. In China, some AI’s are used to discover if someone is going to wake up from a coma.

Oral Group Project;

After Trump became president and started deporting and building his wall, there have been fewer immigrants. Maybe because they’re scared.

The protester was concerned to lose their family, especially the parents. Trump took the kids of the families who immigrated to the US.


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